Global 25 Cities with issued USPTO Utility Patents

Data Refreshed as of May 30, 2023

2023 YTD Utility PatentsRanking 2023 YTDRanking 2022Ranking 2021CityCountry
4,523111Tokyo, JPCountry
4,333222San Jose, CA (US)Country
3,956333Seoul, KRCountry
3,042455San Francisco, CA (US)Country
2,824644Beijing, CNCountry
2,824566San Diego, CA (US)Country
2,195777Sunnyvale, CA (US)Country
2,125889Suwon-si, KRCountry
1,801998Kanagawa, JPCountry
1,713101411Mountain View, CA (US)Country
1,645111110Seattle, WA (US)Country
1,644121012Shanghai, CNCountry
1,579131317Hsinchu, TWCountry
1,556141516Santa Clara, CA (US)Country
1,533151714Palo Alto, CA (US)Country
1,503161815Austin, TX (US)Country
1,503172019Yongin-si, KRCountry
1,500181618Bangalore, INCountry
1,472191920Fremont, CA (US)Country
1,366202323Hwaseong-si, KRCountry
1,232212122New York, NY (US)Country
1,230221213Shenzhen, CNCountry
1,130232424Cupertino, CA (US)Country
1,019242221Osaka, JPCountry
1,015252525Houston, TX (US)Country
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