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Weekly (May 30, 2023) USPTO Utility Patents data.

  1. Utility Patent Volume was 6,157 for the week.
  2. Patent Attorney Firm (Fish & Richardson, P.C.) had the most number of patents issued (91 patents).
  3. The most prolific
    Company was International Business Machines Corporation with 124 patents.
  4. The most prolific
    city for issued utility patents was Los Gatos, CA (US) with 28 patents.
  5. The most prolific
    inventor was Tao Luo with 24 patents.

    - This inventor is currently #1 most prolific inventor in all of California in our database.

    - Want to see who's in their sphere? Visit Tao's collaboration wheel of co-inventors.

  6. The most prolific
    female inventor was Yan Zhou with 11 patents.

    - Location: California

  7. Added 5,139 new inventors, 331 new companies.
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