Top 51 Inventions Globally

Inventions have been a driving force in the evolution of mankind and have been responsible for transforming the world as we know it today. From the wheel to the printing press, from the telephone to the internet, the world has seen some truly remarkable inventions.

Here we take a look at the top 51 inventions that have had the most impact on our lives.

1. The Wheel: The wheel is one of the oldest and most important inventions in human history. It is believed to have been invented around 3500 BC in Mesopotamia, and it revolutionized transportation and agriculture.
2. The Printing Press: Developed by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century, the printing press revolutionized the way books were produced, allowing for mass book production and paving the way for the mass distribution of literature.
3. The Steam Engine: Developed in the late 18th century, the steam engine was the first practical device to generate mechanical power, and it revolutionized the industrial revolution.
4. The Telephone: Developed by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, the telephone revolutionized the way people communicate, allowing for instant communication over long distances.
5. The Automobile: Developed in the late 19th century, the automobile revolutionized transportation and changed the way people live. Credit goes to Karl Benz for increasing personal mobility and freedom.
6. The Lightbulb: Developed by Thomas Edison in 1879, the lightbulb revolutionized the way people light their homes and businesses, and it is still one of the most important inventions of all time.
7. The Radio: Developed by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895, the radio revolutionized the way people communicate and get their news.
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8. The Computer: The business world was forever changed.
9. The Internet: Developed in the late 20th century, the internet revolutionized the way people communicate and access information.

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