Global 25 US Cities with issued USPTO Utility Patents

Data Refreshed as of March 28, 2023

2023 YTD Utility PatentsRanking 2023 YTDRanking 2022Ranking 2021CityState
2,709111San Jose, CACountry
1,886222San Francisco, CACountry
1,705333San Diego, CACountry
1,362444Sunnyvale, CACountry
1,056566Mountain View, CACountry
1,010655Seattle, WACountry
9847710Santa Clara, CACountry
970887Palo Alto, CACountry
93491111Fremont, CACountry
90310109Austin, TXCountry
767111212New York, NYCountry
7381298Austin, USACountry
719131313Cupertino, CACountry
626141414Houston, TXCountry
624151515Portland, ORCountry
509161619Los Angeles, CACountry
500171718Cambridge, MACountry
499181816Bellevue, WACountry
488191917Redmond, WACountry
442202121Los Altos, CACountry
423212325San Mateo, CACountry
419222020Chicago, ILCountry
417232422Redwood City, CACountry
391242223Saratoga, CACountry
371252524Menlo Park, CACountry

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