Global 25 Cities with issued USPTO Utility Patents

Data Refreshed as of March 28, 2023

2023 YTD Utility PatentsRanking 2023 YTDRanking 2022Ranking 2021CityCountry
2,782111Tokyo, JPCountry
2,709222San Jose, CA (US)Country
2,437333Seoul, KRCountry
1,886455San Francisco, CA (US)Country
1,718544Beijing, CNCountry
1,705666San Diego, CA (US)Country
1,362777Sunnyvale, CA (US)Country
1,293889Suwon-si, KRCountry
1,072998Kanagawa, JPCountry
1,056101411Mountain View, CA (US)Country
1,010111110Seattle, WA (US)Country
1,006121012Shanghai, CNCountry
984131517Santa Clara, CA (US)Country
970141714Palo Alto, CA (US)Country
967151318Hsinchu, TWCountry
946161619Bangalore, INCountry
934172021Fremont, CA (US)Country
903181916Austin, TX (US)Country
898192120Yongin-si, KRCountry
843202323Hwaseong-si, KRCountry
767212222New York, NY (US)Country
738221815Austin, USACountry
720231213Shenzhen, CNCountry
719242424Cupertino, CA (US)Country
626252525Houston, TX (US)Country

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