Global 10 Fast Growing US Cities in Terms of USPTO Utility Patents

Data Refreshed as of March 28, 2023

3 year CAGR2022 YTD Patents2021 YoY2021 Patents2020 Patents2019 PatentsInventorsCityState
214.1%31NA%3017Penrose, NCCountry
184.4%23117%13615Washington, VTCountry
175.9%21NA%50121Georgia, VTCountry
166.8%19113%178146Kannapolis, NCCountry
162.1%18175%11411Roxbury, NYCountry
162.1%18150%10411Vancouver, MNCountry
157.1%3492%231221Ventura, NCCountry
157.1%17143%17712Newport News, GACountry
152.0%16-38%813129Shrewsbury, PACountry
146.6%15175%11411Milpitas, AZCountry

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