Global 10 Fast Growing Attorney Firms in Terms of USPTO Utility Patents

Data Refreshed as of March 28, 2023

3 year CAGR2022 YTD Patents2021 YoY2021 Patents2020 Patents2019 PatentsAttorney NamePrimary Location
605%351224%282871W&G Law Group
488%203294%138351JCIP Global Inc.Pasadena, CA (US)
427%146-12%1511721Kligler & Associates Patent Attorneys Ltd
405%129-3%91941Peter Zacharias
373%106393%69141Westbridge IP LLCBellevue, WA (US)
363%994,200%4311Andrew D. Dorisio
356%190-8%2512742McBee Moore & Vanik IP, LLCFrederick, MD (US)
334%8279%95531Kenneth J. HeywoodBoston, MA (US)
331%80293%55141Edward SteakleySanta Clara, CA (US)
322%150-29%39552Vincent Mastrogiacomo

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