Global Inventor Statistics: Tracking 5 MM plus Utility Patents and 5 MM plus Inventors (1/1/2002 - 3/28/2023)

Top 25 most prolific Austin, TX patent holders!

We’re pleased to share the Top 25 most prolific Austin area-based utility patent holders! 

Please note that is USPTO utility patent data analyzed between January 4, 2005, through February 7, 2023.

These insights were derived directly from USPTO data and publicly available LinkedIn detail. 

Where no information was readily available, we’ve left notations blank but the ranking intact. (It’s our hope we can connect with these individuals so that we may offer some background to complement their names.)

We will monitor USPTO patent grant updates and attempt to make any modifications where the need for reordering of the stack rankings arises. At a minimum, quarterly updates will occur. In the event of a shared number of patents, the patent holder with the most recent patent grant will be listed first.

And now, for the Austin Top 25!

Meet John Melanson

Mr. Melanson has worked in varied areas of audio, energy, computers, signal processing (DSP and analog), power and IC design for over 50 years.

He describes himself as enjoying hiking, cooking, piano, music, jewelry design and creation, and chasing Jack Russell terriers. He also has been awarded an Oscar.

His special interest is encouraging young people to find an engineering career.

Mr. Melanson attended the University of Colorado Boulder where he received his EE/CS, Engineering, 1970 – 1974.

Meet James Bostick

Mr. Bostick is a Senior IT Consultant and Software Engineer with extensive experience in global software development as well as in the modernization of legacy applications. He has led the development of key IBM products such as the Enterprise portal.

He is certified as an IT Specialist with IBM and The Open Group. Mr. Bostick is also recognized with the distinction of “Master Inventor” based on contributions to his patent portfolio, mentorship of others, and work on patent review boards. His contributions to the IBM patent portfolio include many patents in the areas of Big Data and Analytics, software development, and in modernization architecture.

Mr. Bostick attended Harding University where he received his Bachelors, Computer Information Systems (summa cum laude).

Meet Keith Walker

Mr. Walker is a Software Engineer and Inventor with a solid history in the information technology and services industry, primarily serving Fortune Global 500 customers in IT Service Management (ITSM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) projects. Mr. Walker mentors inventors and facilitates team-based inventing.

Mr. Walker attended Wheaton College where he pursued his BA / MA from 1991 – 1997.

Meet Guy Guthrie

Mr. Guthrie is currently a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM.

He attended The Ohio State University from 1981 – 1985.

Meet Arunabha Ghosh

Dr. Ghosh is a Senior Manager at Amazon Lab126, responsible for communication systems design for Kuiper. Previously, he was an AT&T Fellow and the director of the Advanced Wireless Technology Group at AT&T Labs. Dr. Ghosh received his Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Meet Glenn Henry

Mr. Henry has almost 60 years of computer experience including being IBM Fellow, Senior VP & CTO working for Michael Dell, Founder & President of Centaur Technology (designer of x86 processors), microprocessor and AI logic designer, and currently Senior Fellow at Intel, where he works on processor security.

Mr. Henry attended University of California, Berkeley from 1959 – 1962 but then “dropped out to pursue flying career” (per LinkedIn); he then attended California State University, East Bay where he received his Bachelor of Science (BS) Mathematics from 1965 – 1966. Mr. Henry continued at California State University, East Bay where he received his Master of Science (MS), Mathematics in 1967.

Meet Su Liu

Mr. Liu is a Globalization Architect and Master Inventor with IBM, where he has worked for since 2000. He focuses on architecting and executing globalization strategies on Operating Systems and Applications.

Mr. Liu received his Master’s degrees from New Mexico State University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Meet Derek Williams

Mr. Williams is currently a Senior Manager at IBM. He attended The University of Texas at Austin from 1986 – 1994.

Meet Sairamesh Nammi

Dr. Nammi has spent his career (more than two decades) covering simulations (both link and system level) and algorithm development in various wireless technologies such as 5G NR, LTE/LTE-A, HSPA+, 1x Advance, EV-DO, GSM/GPRS.

Previously he worked in Ericsson as an expert in Radio Architecture and performance from 2019 to 2023 and as 3GPP RAN1 delegate from 2011 to 2015. Prior to that, he was with AT&T labs as Principal Member of Technical Staff from 2016-2019 where he represented AT&T as 3GPP RAN1 delegate for 5G NR covering mainly MIMO, control channels, URLLC and NOMA.

He filed more than 400 patents in the physical layer for 3G, 4G and 5G. His research interests are massive MIMO algorithms and joint radio baseband research. He received his Ph. D in wireless communications from New Mexico State University, Las Cruces in 2008 and Masters degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras in 2000.

Meet Eric Zavesky

Dr. Zavesky is a self-described “ever-curious researcher and supportive collaborator using content analytics and machine learning to improve user experiences in search, recommendation, and curation.”

His focus ranges from automated situational context determination for networks to video systems for entertainment and education using guided interactions from audio and video. 

One of Dr. Zavesky’s guiding principles was wanting “to make things that help people (my family, novices, and the inquisitive) and sought to include guided (explicit user preferences or biometric indicators) and preemptive (recognition of an activity, engagement, or object pattern).”

Dr. Zavesky attended The University of Texas at Austin where he pursued his Bachelor of Science (BS), Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering, 1997 – 2000. He then attended Columbia University where he received his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering in 2009.

Meet James Pratt

Dr. Pratt is an inventor, systems designer and user researcher with most of his work rooted in the artificial intelligence and automation arena. Currently, for the Chief Data Office at AT&T, Dr. Pratt focuses on analysis and decision tools for internal and external knowledge workers, privacy systems for customers, and business playbooks for executives. Dr. Pratt attended Boston University where he received his B.A., Psychology in 1990. He then attended the University of Connecticut where he received his Ph.D., Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 2002 (focus in Human Factors and User Interface Design).

Meet Bill Starke

Mr. Starke is a Distinguished Engineer: Power Processor Chief Architect at IBM. He attended Michigan Technological University where he received his Bachelor of Science (BS), Computer Science from 1986 – 1990.

Meet Rhonda Childress

Ms. Childress is the Chief Innovation Officer – Security and Resiliency Practice at Kyndryl. Prior to that, she was the Deputy BISO – CTO CISO. Ms. Childress has held many leadership roles for IBM over the course of her distinguished career, notably as Vice President and IBM Fellow – GTS Data Security and Privacy Officer, Distinguished Engineer and Senior Technical Staff Member.

She studied at Kentucky State University where she received her Bachelor’s degree, Computer Science in 1983.

Meet Dung (DQ) Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen focuses currently as the CPU Performance MicroArchitecture Lead, developing next-gen cores for Google. His prior role was a core Micro-Architecture lead for IBM’s POWER11 microprocessor. He collaborates with other architects, micro-architects, and performance teams to find and verify new ideas to improve performance and reduce power for the core. His expertise includes architecture, micro-architecture, logic design, timing critical path analysis, performance analysis, power-reduction, out-of-order (OOP) execution and control, decode, dispatch, renaming, issue queue, scheduler, register file and control, re-order buffer, multi-threading.

Mr. Nguyen spent over 36 years innovating for IBM, and is an IBM Master Inventor. He attended The University of Michigan where he received his Bachelor of Engineering – BE in 1984 and his Masters of Engineering – MEng in 1985.

Meet Deeder Aurongzeb

Mr. Aurongzeb is a Reliability Leader and physicist with skills in sustainability policy and systems reliability Engineering. He has held Engineering and Research and Development leader roles for both Dell and GE. He attended The University of Texas at Austin where he received his Bachelor’s degree, Mathematics and Physics in 2002. Mr. Aurongzeb went on to attend Texas Tech University where he received his Masters of Science – MS, Materials Science in 2004. He then attended The University of Maryland where he received his MS/Ph.D., Reliability Engineering/EE in 2012 with a focus in Magnetic Topology of Fe Nanostructure with Curvature on GaAs.

Meet John Moore

Mr. Moore currently serves as the Director, Identity and Access Management (IAM) in the office of the CISO at Kyndryl.

Prior to Kyndryl, Mr. Moore spent nearly 25 years at IBM in varied roles. As a Program Director in IAM, Office of the IBM CIO, he was a Senior Technical Staff Member and Master Inventor focused on Multi-factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) Services and hardware security keys, IAM Identity Engineering Services, and for IBM’s external IAM Service. Prior to this, Mr. Moore was the global transformation technical leader for IBM’s Internal Data Center Consolidation. He has also served as the Executive Solution Engineer and Senior Technical Staff Member for integration of new solutions and architectures for offerings within the Office of the IBM CIO. Mr. Moore also led Pandemic Planning, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Threat Management for IBM (over a decade before the COVID-19 pandemic). 

He holds a self-described passion for mentoring young people in STEM and innovation.

Mr. Moore attended Brigham Young University where he received his BS, Computer Science in 1996.

Meet Mark Nixon

Mr. Nixon started his career as a systems engineer working on projects in oil & gas, chemicals, and pulp & paper. He is involved in several standards groups, including ISA, IEC, FieldComm, IEEE, and OASIS. Mr. Nixon currently leads the applied research group where he is pursuing his interests in control, analytics, wireless, mobile, and advanced graphics. He has authored over 100 papers and has co-authored several books and book chapters on wireless, control, and control systems. Mr. Nixon is an ISA Fellow and in 2012 was inducted into the Automation Hall of Fame. In 2022 he received the Faculty of Engineering Alumni Achievement Medal in the Professional Achievement category from the University of Waterloo. Mr. Nixon received his bachelors from the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Meet Dr. Bhyrav Mutnury

Dr. Mutnury is the Senior Distinguished Engineer and Team Lead of the Global Enterprise Simulation and Signal Integrity team at Dell, supporting storage, network, rack and blade server designs. He is currently driving the next generation high speed interfaces and modeling methodologies at Dell. Dr. Mutnury is an electrical interface expert on SAS, SATA, PCIe, DDR, GbE, FC and USB. His fields of expertise range from electrical cable design, package and printed circuit board design and optimization, and electrical design space exploration using evolutionary techniques. He is currently a Fellow of IEEE and received the IEEE EMC Technical achievement award in 2017. 

Prior to his current position at Dell, he served in myriad Engineering roles for Dell and IBM. Dr. Mutnury received his Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 2002 and his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Electrical Engineering in 2005 from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA.

Meet Bill Bodin

Mr. Bodin is an innovative leader in the computer software industry. He has global leadership experience in enterprise mobility, software engineering, and design integration.Mr. Bodin’s focus domains including mobility, operating systems, media, telematics, consumer electronics and healthcare. His most recent patents are in the areas of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning.

Prior to Fortum Partners, Mr. Bodin served in a CTO capacity across several companies and as a Distinguished Engineer at IBM, among other roles. He attended The University of Georgia where he received his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Biology, Mathematics & Comp Science in 1981. Mr. Bodin then attended Florida Atlantic University where he received his MS, Software Engineering in 1995.

Meet Bernard Ku

Dr. Ku is the Head, Telecom & Wireless Technology Group at Lumenci. He has served as a Full Professor of Instruction/Computer Science Department for The University of Texas at San Antonio. Prior, he was a Principal Network Architect at AT&T for over 14 years and an Adjunct Professor for Southern Methodist University. Dr. Ku has also held distinguished technical roles at Verizon, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and NEC Corporation. 

Dr. Ku attended The University of Texas where he received his Masters of Business Administration. He then attended Southern Methodist University where he received his Doctor of Philosophy – PhD, Telecommunications Engineering in 1993.

Meet Terry Parks

Mr. Parks is currently serving as an Intel Fellow and Chief Architect for Intel Corporation. Prior to that he was Chief Architect and one of the founders of Centaur Technology. At Centaur (per LinkedIn), Mr. Parks was the Microarchitect of the entire core and wrote much of the microcode including exception handling, task switching, gates, and virtualization. He has also designed key architectural solutions for MIPS Technologies, Dell, and IBM

Mr. Parks attended The University of Miami where he received his Bachelors of Science – BS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering (summa cum laude) in 1981. At The University of Texas at Austin, he pursued a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from 2013 – 2016.

Meet Scott White

Mr. White is a Lead Product Manager at AT&T and specialist in product vision and user-centered feature development/execution for mobile, web, and PC. He has worked at AT&T for 19+ years; over 12 as Lead Product Manager of the U-verse app for iOS, Android, Fire TV, Windows, and Xbox One. Functionality includes live TV streaming, EPG/DVR scheduling, social network sharing, STB pairing & remote control, and streaming entitled VoD from major networks (HBO, Starz, Turner, Disney, ESPN, and more). He’s also the Founder/officer at a local 501(c)(3) charity.

Mr. White attended Southern Methodist University where he received his BA in 2001, where he specialized in Advertising Creativity, Electronic Music Production, communications and liberal arts.

Meet Xiaoyi Wang

Dr. Wang is a Senior Comm Systems Engineer at Amazon. He has also served in key researcher, engineering and architect roles at companies such as IBM and Nokia Siemens Networks.

Dr. Wang has served as a physical layer chief architect, responsible for all physical layer new concepts (development and standardization) including CoMP, ePDCCH, NCT, etc.

Specialties also include system level simulation for wireless cellular system, MIMO signal processing algorithm and system design and RRM scheme design.

Dr. Wang attended Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications where he received his Masters, Wireless Communications in 2004 and his Ph.D, Wireless communication in 2010.

Meet Jeff Stuecheli

Mr. Stuecheli self describes as “doing innovative things with computer hardware architecture.” He’s held hardware architecture roles at companies such as Google, NVIDIA, and (over 25 years at) IBM, among others. Mr. Stuecheli studied at The University of Texas at Austin where he received his B.S. (1997), M.S. (2003), and Ph.D. (2011), all in Computer Engineering.

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