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Outsell Identifies IDiyas in its Emerging 50 List for 2023

Each year, Outsell identifies 300 emerging companies across our industry that are either under $3M in revenue or founded within the previous five years. Each of these is a standout among its competitors and is bringing disruption within their established market.

They then narrow that list to the Outsell Emerging 50 by rating them against four criteria:

  1. the uniqueness of their approaches to the market,
  2. how aligned they are to market need,
  3. the promise/potential of their target markets, and
  4. the strength of their platform approach and/or ability to create leverage.

This is our industry’s next generation — M&A candidates that will eventually require funding. They’re the important ones to watch. They’re the Outsell Emerging 50.

Here’s the Outsell Emerging 50 List for 2023.

Thank you Outsell, Inc. for recognizing us.

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