Inventor Recognitions with Centurion Plus Utility Patents as of March 21, 2023

We would like to recognize inventors who have accomplished significant milestones this week. Inventors with hundred plus patents account for 0.14% of the Inventor population, so they are a very rarefied breed. Stay updated and inspired by checking out their groundbreaking innovations and the impact they are making in their respective fields.

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Xiaochuan Chen

Here is a short description of the latest utility patent of Mr. Chen’s patent:

  • Patent №: 11611056 (Mar. 21, 2023) – Display apparatus and a method of manufacturing; with the substrate, display devices, encapsulation layer, multi-step microlens array, and protective layer.
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Byeong Moon Jeon

Patent №: 11611772 (Mar. 21, 2023) – This invention is a video signal decoding method that adds an intra-prediction mode as a sub-macroblock type to macroblock prediction, improving the coding efficiency of video signals.

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Michael Vendely

With Ethicon Endo Surgery, Mr. Vendely had the opportunity to work on surgical devices and implants used in minimally invasive surgery. Currently, he is the Lead Design Engineer; working on durable and biodegradable surgical implants.
He describes himself as enjoying family life as a Boy Scout Leader, First Lego League Coach, and Soccer Coach.
Mr. Vendely is in the Delphi Innovation Hall of Fame and the Ethicon Inventor Hall of Fame as an inventor with over 150 issued patents and numerous defensive publications.

Patent №11607216 (Mar. 21, 2023) – Adaptive responses through the use of smart packaging for drug delivery absorbable adjuncts, along with methods for utilizing such packaging.

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