Global Inventor Statistics: Tracking 5 MM plus Utility Patents and 5 MM plus Inventors (1/1/2002 - 3/21/2023)

How many inventors are typically listed on a Patent?

The number of inventors listed on a patent can vary widely depending on the invention, but typically one two or three inventors are listed. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office requires that all inventors are listed on the patent in order for it to be valid, so it is important to make sure that everyone who contributed to the invention is properly credited.

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Inventor Distribution by number of Patents

Using last week’s USPTO data where 6,540 utility patents were granted, we can see that 66% of the Utility Patents issued were issued to one, two or three inventors.

There is no limit in the number of co-inventors on a patent application. It is important, however, that each inventor made some contribution to the concept of the invention as described in the claims of the patent application, otherwise they are not inventors. Our research found the following patent … Patent # 11,381,445 titled Network architecture, methods, and devices for a wireless communications network from Ericsson that had 133 Inventors listed and this patent was issued on July 5, 2022. This feat needs to be shared with the Guinness World Records.

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