February 7, 2023, Weekly Patent Insights

Welcome to the 7th of February 2023: A glimpse at what’s new in utility patents!

This week we share interesting insights on the recent patent grants that have been issued across a variety of industries.

  1. Utility Patent Volume was 5,307 for the week.
  2. Patent Attorney Firm Fish & Richardson, P.C. had the most patents issued (84 patents). They have been #1 for quite some time now. Please see the top attorney firms’ utility volume below for 2023 year to date.
  3. The most prolific Company was Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. with 117 patents.
  4. The most prolific city for issued utility patents was Los Altos, CA (US) with 32 patents.
  5. The most prolific Global inventor was Tao Luo with 14 patents. This inventor is currently #1 most prolific inventor in all of California in our database. Want to see who’s in their sphere? Visit Tao’s collaboration wheel of co-inventors.
  6. We added 3,670 new inventors, 319 new companies.

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Top Attorney Firms with Issued USPTO Utility Patents (Data refreshed as of February 7, 2023)

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