Global Inventor Statistics: Tracking 5 MM plus Utility Patents and 5 MM plus Inventors (1/1/2002 - 3/28/2023)

An approach to understanding an Inventor’s Contributions to a Patent or a Patent Portfolio

Each inventor listed on a patent is given the same credit for their invention. Therefore, if two or more people worked together to create an invention, each person should be credited with equal rights and ownership of that invention. According to USPTO guidelines, all inventors must have contributed significantly to the conception and reduction to practice of the invention in order for them to be considered co-inventors. If any one of those inventors is omitted from the patent application, it may result in serious legal ramifications and could invalidate the entire patent. It is important for aspiring inventors to discuss their ideas openly with potential collaborators so that everyone can receive proper recognition for their work when applying for a patent.

The distribution of a patent to its inventors is as follows:

image 105
Distribution of Patents to Inventors
(Data: January 4, 2005 – January 24, 2023)

The Inventor Attribution Index (IAI) is a new metric developed by IDiyas and an essential metric for understanding the contributions of inventors to their portfolios of patents. This index measures the proportion of patents in which an inventor is listed as one of the inventors. It does this by calculating the number and relative contribution weighting for each patent concerning a particular inventor’s involvement. The IAI is a number between 0 and 100, and provides an insight on how collaborative an inventor is.

For example, if an inventor has ten patents, where five are solely his/her own and five have four co-inventors, then his/her IAI will be 60. This is calculated by multiplying 100 * {(5*1) + (5*0.20)} / 10 = 60. The individual contribution weights are multiplied by 1 or 0.20, depending on whether the inventor is listed as a sole inventor or a collaborator.

IAI provides an essential insight into the inventor’s role in patent ownership and can be used to compare different inventors’ relative contributions over time or across different portfolios. This metric can also help companies understand their internal inventor dynamics when recruiting new inventors or assessing inventor performance. Furthermore, as an inventor-level metric, it can provide helpful information for researchers and policymakers looking to understand better how innovators contribute to technological development in various sectors of society.

Please find the IAI computations for the Top 1000 Inventors globally.

In summary, Inventor Attribution Index (IAI) is a powerful tool that allows us to measure the contribution of individual inventors within their portfolio of patents. By understanding inventor dynamics, we can gain a greater insight into the development of technological advancements and help us to assess inventor performance better.


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